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Another Diary type story of story, I have had one or two really well done versions of this type of story, I hope that readers of this story enjoy it.

The Journal of Al Morrison April 18, 2008 Day 1 Post shipwreck

I couldn't believe it, the first cruise I had ever taken in my life and it ends up smashing into a group of rocks right off an uninhabited island. I was one of two survivors, the other was my girlfriend Cassie Peters. Luckily for us, the Island was less than 200 yards from where our ship went down, as we were easily able to swim that distance, her better than me, as she's quite athletic and me, well, let's just say I'm very lucky to be with her. I'm 5'10 and I weigh 300 pounds, mostly fat, but at least I'm a good swimmer. Cassie however, was an Olympic class 100 m freestyle swimmer who has maintained much of her muscle and definition she had when she was active, she was 5'4 and weighed 140 pounds now, at her most muscular, which really, for me, isn't muscular enough.

You see, I'm into muscle girls, strong muscle girls, really big, strong, very muscular women. When I met Cassie I was enthralled because here was a strong, muscular woman who actually was nice to me and wanted to be with me, but she was nowhere near the size I preferred, so I made it my mission to get her to bulk up, put on as much size and muscle as it was possible for her frame. I'm a proponent of the theory that bigger is better, and there is never such a thing as too big, my taste in female bodybuilders has always reflected that, Renee Toney and Colette Guimond are two paragons of pulchritude that have symbolized what bodybuilding should be about. Cassie, she likes her muscles the way they are, and while I still love her for her muscles and strength, I still fantasize every night about her being fantastically muscled, and strong enough to carry me around in her arms like I'm nothing but a baby to her. Its an empty fantasy that I wish to fulfill some day.

Day 2

We made it through the night, we made a fire, thankfully, I had a lighter and we found some brush and tree branches to start it with. I had a knife in my back pocket, very helpful to cut open fruit and catch and gut fishes with. We made out alright with her athleticism and my outdoor survivor skills, maybe not enough to spend the rest of our lives here, but we could spend a couple of weeks waiting to be rescued, I'm sure. Luckily there were enough supplies from the boat that washed up onshore to keep us entertained, sustained and protected for the most part. I used my knife to make a couple of short sharp pikes to catch fish and perhaps protect ourselves from unfriendly animals if need be. You look at Survivor and movies like Castaway, and you think, hey I can do that, that doesn't look too hard, but now that I'm living it, I can tell you how wrong I was, this isn't easy and this isn't fun, but this is the life we have to live, this is what we have to do to survive. I used to laugh at those shows, how ridiculous they were in some circumstances, now that I'm in that situation, I have come to respect their strength and courage, but in the end, they knew they were eventually going home, I don't know if and when me and Cassie are going home.  

I have a feeling that we are being watched, I don't know who or what by, but I just have an inkling that we aren't alone, that something big and possibly dangerous is deeper in the jungles, and well, I'm not really brave enough to find out by myself to tell you the truth. I mean, I have the same fears that a lot of people have, I am brave when I need to be, I have swatted my fair share of bats out of the house, I have caught my share of rats, but I have never stood face to face with a bear, or a tiger, so I have no idea how I would act if I did. Who knows if there are things on this island that make bears and tigers look like docile house pets? I made more pikes, I found sharp stones and made more complex weapons like spears and arrows, I wanted to make sure that if anything were to attack us, we would be well prepared. I have street smarts, but Cassie? Well, she is a first degree black belt in tae-kwondo, so she can protect herself pretty well, not that I wouldn't do all I could to protect her if something she couldn't handle came along, but seriously she's more fit than me, and she is a more experienced fighter, the only thing I got working for me is I'm stronger and I have a bigger body.

Day 3

When I woke up today, a pair of eyes were staring right back into mine and they weren't Cassie's. Cassie has brown eyes and the eyes that looked deeply into mine were the bluest and most perfectly formed eyes I had ever seen, they were obviously Asian, but not many Asian girls I had ever heard of had blue irises. When I finally directed my attention away from her stunning eyes, I was even more flabbergasted, this girl had blond hair, a devastatingly beautiful face, and the most muscular body I had ever seen on anyone! I couldn't believe it, this woman was incredibly huge, its like if you combined Colette Guimond and Conny Brandt together, her shoulders were almost as wide as she was tall, and really, her height was something that amazed me as well, because, well, she was short, really short, like only 4'10, she only came up to the middle of my chest, but her back and shoulders were well wider than my own and I'm a very big man. She backed up and allowed be to stand to my full height, I found that she had a companion looking at my girlfriend, she too was very muscular, and slightly shorter than Cassie, I guessed she was 5'2, but the girl's width was incredible compared to Cassie. They both were wearing the same thing, a bikini top and bottom that seemed to be made from some kind of animal hide. Cassie has wide shoulders for a woman, but this blond haired, green-eyed amazon left Cassie's shoulders clearly in the dust with their size, width and definition.   

I was the first to speak, "I am Al, this is Cassie, what are your names?" They looked at each other and sort of grunted, the smaller one said, "Me Delina, this my older sister, Marcia, we live here, why you here?" First of all I was taken aback that they actually knew a little English, so I hesitated before I answered, "We were on big boat, big boat crashed near island, we only survivors from big boat, I hope we aren't intruding or trespassing on your island, but we had no choice if we wanted to live." I tried talking to them simply so they would understand, they seemed to and answered in kind, Marcia who spoke better English, "We came here many years ago, our parent's plane crashed into the forest, our mother survived, me and Delina were 8 and 5, that's why Delina talks like she's very young, and I talk better." I smiled and said, "What about your bodies, you two are the most muscular women I have ever seen in my life, you're bigger than a lot of male bodybuilders I've seen." They thought about answering but reconsidered, instead Delina said this, "We will take you back to our shelter and show you, it will be better than to explain it with our limited knowledge." I looked to Cassie and she gave me a curt nod, which meant, okay, let's do it, so I said, "Me and Cassie would love to, thank you, let's be on our way, I hope its not far?" They laughed and Marcia said, "Well, if it is, just say so and we'll carry you the rest of the way, that wouldn't be a problem for me and Delina." I looked up to the stars and said under my breath, "Thank you, Jesus!"

We walked along for what seemed like forever, when suddenly my foot fell down into a whole, and I fell on the ground, I yelled in pain and exasperation. Delina looked down and said, "Poor man, you can't walk on that ankle, it looks pretty swollen, you must have twisted it bad, here, I'll have to carry you the rest of the way." Without hesitation Delina picked me up in a cradle carry, and to get a better grip, she actually tossed me up in the air a little and caught me with absolute ease, its as though my 300 pounds was of no consequence to her at all, one of my major dreams in life had come true! Much to my delight during our trip through the jungle, Delina switched me from one arm to the other to show how much my weight really meant to her. Marcia didn't have to, but decided to lift and carry Cassie so they could keep up with Delina, who was having such a good time carrying me like a baby, she basically jogged most of the way. My smile couldn't have been any wider, though looking at Cassie, I could see she wasn't amused, first of all, I got off on being carried and she didn't, but she also saw another woman satisfying my greatest fantasy and she knew she couldn't, I'm sorry to say, that fact turned me on, the girl that I've been with for almost 3 years was utterly powerless compared to 2 girls that I've just met.

Day 4

We finally got to the girl's shelter little over 3 hours later, at least that's what I guessed, since my watch was ruined and it was at night, so I could rely on the Sun to tell time by. Of course in all that time, Delina had carried me like I was nothing to her, neither girl had needed to rest despite the fact they were each carrying a real live human being. The shelter surprised us, it looked like a really nicely constructed house, the girls and their mother built this through strength and hard work, I've never seen anything quite like it. Another thing that intrigued me was that the opening wasn't just a door, it was a set of double doors, you don't see many smaller houses that have that feature. My question is how they did it, they wouldn't have had axes to cut the trees down, glue, ropes, nails or other types of adhesives to set the trees together, or anything like that, but it looked really well put together. I couldn't help but comment, "Very nice shelter, it looks as though you girls made yourselves a comfortable house, how did you do it?" Marcie said, "Mom, Delina and I started working on it after we got strong." I wondered what that meant, "What do you mean, you got strong, you didn't have to work on those bodies, it just happened?" Delina and Marcie both looked down, Marcia said "Well, yeah, we did, but something around here made it easier, I think Mom was affected the most, she was already strong and muscular before coming here, but whatever caused us to grow muscles, well, it made her muscles grow bigger and stronger than ours, do you wanna see?"    

I nodded my head eagerly, "Yes, of course we would love to meet your mother!" Again, I wasn't really speaking for my girlfriend Cassie, but I was far beyond the point of really caring what she thought, I was in paradise and nothing or no one was going to disrupt that for me. Delina shouted, "Mom, we got a couple of visitors who want to meet you!" The ground started shaking, the house in front of us was rumbling back and forth like there was a seismic disturbance starting right under it. Then suddenly the doors swung open and a presence unlike any other stood in the doorway, and by stood in, I mean filled totally, this woman was incredibly wide, the 5 and a half feet across doorway was completely filled inch after inch with feminine muscle. She was only about 5'3, but I couldn't have possibly guessed her weight judging her muscle size, I would say even the biggest Mr. Olympia contenders ever would have looked miniscule next to her immense frame. She had blond hair, not just on her head, I guess she hadn't had a razor in many years as there were dense forests of golden hair on her forearms, calves and under her arms, which was clearly visible because her lats were so large her arms hung at about 70 degrees. And her arms! I couldn't believe my eyes as they were directed at the most enormous biceps I had ever seen on anyone, save maybe some of the most extreme morphs and drawings on the internet, but this was real muscle that stood in front of me. I heard something hit the sand not far away, and I looked over to find my girlfriend Cassie fainted at the sight of so much muscle size on one woman.

"Ummm, hello, miss, my name is Al Morrison, I'm sorry, but me and my girlfriend there, Cassie, we got shipwrecked here and well, your daughters here carried us to your shelter, I hope its not too much of an intrusion?" She laughed, a big, hearty laugh that I expected out of someone her size, "Of course its alright, little man, my name is Sherry, by the way, its so nice to meet someone else, we haven't had visitors since we got here, about 15 years ago." I smiled as I shook her offered hand, it was smaller than mine, but many, many times more powerful, and I could tell as she leisurely gripped it with enough force to bend and near break the bones. "Come on in, Al, Delina, you carry Cassie and put her in your bed, Al, would you like to see the gym?" I nodded enthusiastically, hoping to see what this incredibly muscled woman was capable of lifting. "You have a girlfriend, but it seems she means nothing to you, at least in front of me, how close are you with Cassie, if I may ask?" I sort of shook my head and said, "Well, we've been going out for 3 years off and on, I guess we're pretty close, but she was never really my ideal woman, she has muscles, but they were never big enough for me, I tried to look past that, but the whole experience I've had here really brought it into perspective for me, I don't love her, and I don't think she loves me, what I love is what you have, humungous, super strong muscles, I'm sorry if I seem so cavalier in abandoning my girlfriend, but she knows what I like and she knows you have more than she'll ever have."

Sherry didn't say a thing, she just gave me a sly look that sort of said to me, we'll see about that little man, we'll see. She lead me down into the basement of the house, that surprised me even more, I guess these girls really knew something about architecture, as they built a three level house on sand. Next I was surprised when we got downstairs, it was unbelievably spacious compared to the other floors of the house, they must have known all along that they were going to need a huge space to put their gym together and dug out one hell of a hole! The next thing that shocked me was the sophisticated set of weights that I witnessed as I looked around the basement/weightroom. Vines were used for pulleys, branches were used for smaller barbells, while whittled down tree trunks were used for bigger barbells, sheared down round rocks were being used for plates on these barbells. I marveled at the look of it all, how much it looked like a real gym would, even though it was made out of such basic materials. "Al, could you go over there and grab me that small set of dumbbells?" Sherry said as she pointed to a pair of what looked like a pair of 50 pound dumbbells would in a regular gym. I tried picking them up, but to my surprise, they never left the ground, I tried with all my strength, which may have been drained from me because of the fact we're shipwrecked, but I knew I should be able to lift 100 pounds, at least. I rolled them over to her, while she stifled her laughter the whole time.    

"God, this weight almost weighs a ton, I can't even lift it and its taking all the power in my body just to roll it over here, how much does it really weigh?" I was near out of breath while I said this. "Poor Al, are you tired, this little weight, its my warm up for bicep curls, and it wore you out just rolling it over here, well, you're only a man, I guess a man shouldn't be expected to handle weights like this one, which only weighs 1,750 pounds." With that Sherry picked it off the ground without even taking a breath and started curling it with one hand! She did it easily for 50 reps with her right hand, than she switched and did 50 reps with her left hand, it was like it was weightless to her. She put it down and brought over a slightly bigger weight, "See this, this is a full ton, 2000 pounds, and I'm still just warming my arms up, this weight, even though it weighs as much as a small car, still isn't enough to make me try, let me show you!" She took the 2000 pound dumbbell and just started curling, not caring about reps, she went until she felt tired, which if I had a working watch, could have taken from 20 minutes to 45 minutes, when she finally put the dumbbell down, she didn't look or act tired, more like she was bored. She still gave me a show though, doing a double biceps pose that blew me away, her biceps peaked up over her head, I guessed they must have been 50 inches around at least, they were titanic in their mass and produced a vein the size of a hotdog.

Just then, I heard a rumbling, the kind of rumbling that I first heard when Sherry came to the door of the house, this rumbling was much louder though and it came from behind, I turned just in time to see something amazing, my girlfriend, Cassie, was standing on top of the stairs, and she was enormous! I couldn't believe my eyes, she was still the same height, but her muscles were preposterously huge, she came down the stairs and they creaked, hell, when Sherry came down the stairs, they didn't make a sound, but apparently, my girlfriend was so heavy from all the muscle she was carrying, that they reached their limit, and were close to giving out. She finally reached the bottom and stood toe to toe with Sherry, she was about the same height, but the difference in size was visible, as Cassie's shoulders were half again wider, and a couple of inches taller than Sherry's. Sherry's pecs stood out 8 inches over her 6 pack abs, but Cassie's pecs stood over 10 inches over her 8 pack abs. I was in complete awe, as the girlfriend that I had for 3 years showed muscles that overpowered the most muscular person in the World, or who used to be the most muscular person in every single category. "Cassie, what the heck happened, how did you get so big, I thought you never wanted to be so big?" She smiled and said, "I didn't want to before, but now I see myself and feel these huge hard muscles, and I know how much you wanted me to be so big, so I think I'll keep them. As for how I got them, I don't know, I woke up with them, Delina was feeding me a juice while I was sleeping, and poof, I'm absolutely huge and ripped to shreds."

Sherry laughed and said, "That's just about what happened to us, we ate the fruit here, and overnight we just grew big and strong, we made weights out of materials here and grew bigger. I grew bigger than the girls because I was a gymnast growing up, I didn't quite keep that lifestyle after the girls were born but I suppose you're even bigger because you work out all the time and kept a tight toned body even before coming here, so the fruit worked best with your physiology." Cassie giggled a little and said, "I guess that's true, whatever it is, I feel a thousand times stronger than I ever was, in fact, I could probably just swim back home from here, if I wanted." I was fixated on her body, but that last comment brought me out of my reverie, "You wouldn't leave me here, would you darling, you would take me with you, wouldn't you?" Cassie looked at me with a smirk, "I don't know, I mean you basically abandoned me for this tiny little muscle mom, I don't think you deserve this body and what it's capable of anymore." I was close to crying as I heard these words come out of her mouth, I know I was acting enamored in her presence, but I loved her, she noticed this look of depression and said, "Al, baby, I was just kidding you, I know you are loyal to me, even with all the muscle babes around this island, I know you love me more for than my body, but for my personality, my mind, so no, I'm not leaving you. And yes, I'm definitely taking you with me, in fact, I think I could get everyone off the island, if they want me too. What do you say Sherry, would you and the girls want to come back to America?"

Sherry looked wistfully back and forth between me and Cassie, and burst out crying, than began bear hugging Cassie with great gusto. Cassie was lifted off the ground and from what I could tell, there was a lot of pressure, but the look on Cassie's face was calm, not any sign of pain could be seen, she must be so strong that the super-powerful Sherry was nothing compared to her. "Of course, I would love to, I'm sure the girls would too, but how?" Cassie said, "You constructed this house with your muscle power, how hard would it be to construct a boat with that same power, a super sturdy boat that can handle extreme speeds and water pressures, I'll take care of the swimming, look at how strong this body is!" She went to the biggest weight in the gym, something that looked 3 times as big as the 2000 pound weight Sherry worked out with. "My god, don't that weight is over 10,000 pounds, I can't even lift that off the ground!" Sherry shouted, but Cassie was undeterred, she knew she was much stronger than Sherry, and was determined to show her strength, and she did, as she picked up the 10,000 pound weight with only one hand with absolute ease, she pressed it overhead without effort and continued, until she did 500 reps with each hand, than curled it for 200 reps with each hand, when she dropped it on the floor, the house shook and the dry clay basement floor cracked! Cassie smiled as she flexed her biceps, which towered well over her head, if I had a 6 foot measuring tape with me, it may not have even been big enough to reach around that humungous arm muscle! It was my turn to faint as I exploded in my shorts like I've never done before.

Day 5

I awoke several hours later, to the sounds of water sloshing around, I must have been on the beach, I looked to my left and saw a huge wooden boat, then to the right, where I heard female voices, all four of the muscle girls were walking towards where I lay with a vine rope. Cassie said, "I figure we go northwest of here, that's where me and Al came from with the cruise ship, I think about 200 miles that way we should hit shore, don't know what my maximum swimming speed and power is, but if I try my best, and with the swimming techniques I know, it won't take too long, then we'll all be back in civilization." The other girls collectively gave a big whoop, than Sherry looked down, seeing my eyes were open and said, "Hey Al, ready to go, we've been talking about the trip, if Cassie is as strong as she looked in the basement, well, it shouldn't take too long." Sherry picked me up in a cradle carry and carried me on the boat, there were three seats, one for Sherry, one for Delina and one for Marcia, I guess I was supposed to sit on one or all of their laps for the duration. Cassie tied a knot on the ships bow with one end of the thick, strong vine, and tied the other around her ultra strong, muscular neck. She laughed and said, "Well here goes, wish me luck folks." She launched herself into the water like a torpedo and the boat took off like a missile, we were moving so fast it was like a blur, we couldn't see ahead either, as there was a huge plume of water going out right in front of us. I'm glad I was being held in Sherry's strong arms, or the force of the wind that was blowing would have surely blown my weaker body off the boat like a leaf.

It didn't seem like a very long time but I heard land ho from one of the girls, I'm guessing Marcia, and she was right, there was land on the horizon, coming up very, very fast indeed, as Cassie was moving through the water like the fastest ship in the Navy on rocket fuel and crack put together! There it was, civilization, I knew it was a big city because there was a big hotel right on the beach, Cassie stopped swimming but we kept going as the momentum carried us right to the shore. Finally, after about a week with nothing, no TV, no internet, no technology at all, nothing, we were back, and Sherry, Delina, and Marcia were back after 15 years of the same, so they were even more happy. I walked on to the beach and fell to my knees, smiling and kissing the sand, then I jumped into Cassie's arms, and kissed her, then stopped, looked deep into her eyes, and kissed her even more deeply. "Cassie, I love you, when we get back to Los Angeles, I want to marry you." Cassie tears in her eyes said, "Of course, I love you so much, and I'd love to be Mrs. Cassie Morrison, yes!" I thanked the lord and looked over to our three companions, who were hopping up and down in delight to finally be back in a civilized place themselves. I was smiling and thought to myself, could life get any better? The End.
This is a diary type story of a man being shipwrecked with his girlfriend and their adventures on the Island.
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chasbanner Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2013
Good fun

I liked the bit where Sherry warmed up with a weight Al couldn't even lift and the twist was good.
iceman75 Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks, glad you liked the story!
Jaydog1Party Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012
I think that it would be GREAT to write a epilogue Story to show what happened to everybody afterwards! Having & knowing the ins & outs about the latest Tech, media, vehicles, World Events, that kind of stuff! Be great to see what happens to everybody afterwards!!!
Snowyowl0 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2009
Aaaw... a happy ending.
billy3802 Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2008
wow very good ^^
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