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Little Big Girl Part 4- Explosive Growth
By Jeremy Wilson
Amy and Carrie grow so huge Earth canít contain them

*Authorís note: This story will not be posted at Diana the Valkyrieís because it has pre-teen characters, nor will it be posted at or, because it seems pre-teen characters are not liked there as well, but for those of you reading this, I hope you enjoy this story. Its basically my try at a request of Freaker XL who wants to see girls grow so big that the planet Earth would look small in comparison. Its my attempt at being GBM for a story. In fact, I want to take the GBM model and try to improve on it, making the girls bigger and stronger than his girls have ever been. This story does contain several things that may be too extreme for most readers, but I am writing it for one person, so if other people like it, thatís cool, if not, well thatís cool too.*

Dedicated to and requested by Freaker_XL

Carrie and Amy were at home sitting bored out of their minds. The 6 and 8 year old girls were considering something to do to relieve their boredom, they had already lifted everything in the town that was possible, the family car, the biggest greyhound bus in the county, a fully loaded 25 ton dumptruck, a 30 ton freight car filled with 20 tons of lead weights. Nothing really made them try, then they progressed to buildings, first they tried a 100 ton auto repair shop, too easy, then a 300 ton school, still too easy, finally, a 200,000 ton office building, together and individually, even that huge weight wasn't enough to test their muscles to their fullest. They were absent mindedly flexing their biceps, watching them grow to extremely huge sizes for their respective heights of 3'7 and 4'3. Then something just clicked in Carrie's mind, and she said "Hey, why don't we have a competition? Let's see who has the biggest muscles, no limits, just grow our muscles until we can't grown them any bigger, that should be pretty exciting, right?" Amy sniggered a little and said "Well, yeah, that would take up most of the day and it would be pretty cool to see which one of us is really bigger, so let's do it!" Amy started with her hands on her hips, and started expanding her pecs, within seconds they grew three times larger, and her superstress T-shirt was splitting at the seams from her huge pectoral expansion, they stood out 20 inches from her rib cage after the first flex, then she took a deep breath and they kept growing, pushing out further and further until they were 48 inches deep, 5 feet around each, a total of 240 inches around in just about 10 seconds. Carrie watched this with a smirk and said "My turn, sis, this is the way we grow our pecs, grow our pecs, grow our pecs." Carrie just started expanding out of nowhere, no deep breath, no preparation, her pecs grew 5 times bigger in 2 seconds, pushing her chest out 50 inches, making each pec 5 and a half feet around, 254 inches around total, she out grew her big sister with ease, and refused to stop, 270, 280, 290, then stopped at 300 inches around, 60 inches deep. Amy was amazed, she didn't think her little sister could outflex her so easily, so she decided to counter back with some flexage of her own. 240 became 250, which became 280, then grew to 310 inches around and 62 inches deep. Suddenly their dad came in the room, after he saw his two daughters flexing so huge he shouted "Oh no, not again! Girls, if you're gonna have one of your flexing contests, please, take it outside, the damage that you caused the first time took 250,000 dollars to repair!" Carrie said "Awww, and we were just getting started too, oh well come on Amy, we're gonna out grow this whole town." They decided to go out to the quarry, where they had lifted and crushed most of the rock in their misadventures. It was a clear 75 and a half acres of land where they could grow unfettered. "Now where was I." Amy said and then said "Oh yeah!" She started to grow outward and upward again, her pecs already dense with striations and veins just pushed out and up constantly, she was at 400 inches around already, and was only getting started, she flexed harder and her chest grew another 100 inches in less than a second, then 200, than 400, finally after 30 seconds of flexing, her chest measured 1000 inches around 8 feet deep, each of her pecs was 10 feet around. Carrie wasn't impressed though, as she said "Is that all, stand back sis!" Carrie's already awesome muscle chest burst outward like a bomb, in less than 5 seconds it grew from her normal 78 inches around to 600 inches around, than it took only 5 more seconds to match her sister's monumental 1000 inches, but she was no where near done. She flexed up even harder and 200 inches was added instantly, she kept pouring on the pressure, until finally she had to let out a breath, but her final measurements blew her older sister away, 1800 inches around, 12 feet deep, each pec muscle was 16 feet around. If anyone had been watching they would have seen 10 feet high shelves of striated muscle. Amy was amazed, but she knew she wasn't near done, she started breathing heavily and flexing her pecs even harder, 1000 inches became 1400, which soon became 2000, finally she rested after reaching an amazing 3000 inches around, on an 8 year old girl, that is simply incredible. "There, try to outdo that, little sister." With that Carrie laughed "I haven't been little since I was 4 years old, Amy, and if that's the best you can do, I got you beat." Carrie giggled as she flexed her pecs, which grew even faster than Amy's, within seconds they were 2700 inches around, then a moment later they passed Amy's incredibly high mark of 3000, with a 3200 inch mark, but she was only getting started, as she crunched down harder, her pecs shot out incredibly, the striations reaching a size never before seen on anyone, the veins running across the size of bratwursts, Amy was dumbfounded as Carrie's mammoth pecs reached 5000 inches around, 40 feet deep, over 35 feet around each, and she wasn't done yet, she wanted no doubts about who had the biggest pecs on the planet. 5000 inches was soon replaced with 6000, then 7500, then 10000 inches around, she was gaining 2500 inches each second! Amy had her mouth wide open as she stared at her little sister's brazen display of pec superiority, Carrie's pecs were now well over 4 times the size of Amy's and it amazed Amy to no end. They finally stopped at 15000 inches around, 5 times Amy's biggest flex, Amy had to concede defeat, as she knew there's no way she could expand that much, and thought that Carrie might have held back a little. I mean, when the pecs are over 1,250 feet around, 200 feet deep, there is little hope to defeat them. Even if you are fantastically muscled yourself. "Carrie, I admit you have the bigger pecs, but I've been working my arms a lot more than I did ever. Let's do arms now, okay?" Carrie said "Awww, and I was hoping you'd push me to become even bigger, oh well, I guess I'll have to show you later. Yeah, let's do arms, they're my favorite muscle anyway, you first big sis." With that Amy brought her arm up and held it at flexed position, but didn't flex, both girls could see it was already huge at 50 inches around, but then Amy finally flexed it and it skyrocketed up to 90, then 120, then 150, finally stopping at a full 216 inches around, a full 18 feet around and 6 feet taller than her own head. Carrie then spoke out, "Wait, Amy, do we really want to do this out here, where there's no one to witness our huge muscle? Wouldn't you want our huge muscles to be seen by everyone?" Amy thought about it and said, "What do you suggest, Carrie?" Carrie laughed and said, "We should go to Central Park in New York, if we run there we should get there in a couple minutes, and we should have enough room to grow as big as we want, plus there are thousands and thousands of people there at this time of day." So they sprinted there, even though New York was 500 miles away, the girls were so fast that they almost broke the speed of sound, they arrived in the center of Central Park about 9 minutes later. Now Carrie and Amy were sizing up the best place to display their muscles, they saw a high hill in the middle of the park where not many trees stood. Amy said as she looked around, "Now its time to grow!"
Amy and Carrie are standing in the middle of New York's Central Park

"Now let's just let go, everyone's watching, you know their stares
fuel our growth even more than our competitive nature ever could, let's
give them a real muscle show!" Carrie shouted to her sister in glee. They
stood back to back, and just started expanding outward, their pecs
bursting forward inexorably, their superstrength elastic bikini tops
stretching to the nth degree by their incredible pectoral muscles, their pecs
grew so much that they couldn't see in front of them after only 4
seconds, but they knew they were causing a great deal of commotion as
evidenced by the gasps of hundreds of the people walking in the park that
afternoon. Their lat muscles grew against each other so hard they actually
pushed the girls way from one another. "Oh yeah, this is great, I can
already feel myself breaking all of my previous records, and I'm not
even close to the limits of this body." Amy said as she soon passed 5000
inches around, then grew to 12000 less than 10 seconds later, finally
surpassing her sister's world record of 15000 inches just a few seconds
after, but she wasn't anywhere near done, nor was Carrie, who grew her
chest to 15000 a split second before Amy and then surpassed 20000 inches
right after that. They were growing 4000 inches a second now, and
people started freaking out, two huge muscular walls were moving towards
them, 70 feet tall, 400 feet deep, and 500 feet across. They were running
away, but the walls of muscle were growing so big that even the fastest
sprinter couldn't move fast enough to avoid being hit by the massive
muscle walls, luckily for them, the girls knew when to slow down and
avoid further injury, but that didn't stop them from growing bigger and
bigger. Amy caught people running away out of the corner of her eye and
said "Awww, Carrie, no one wants to stick around and play with us."
Carrie giggled a little and said "Its their loss, they're gonna miss the
growth of the two most muscular people on Earth." From where they were,
the nearest building was 3000 feet away, but their chest growth was
slowly approaching the 20 story tall office building, the people in the
building stared as this huge muscular wall started moving towards them,
they knew this construction, as big and tough as it was, probably wasn't
going to offer much resistance, so they evacuated immediately.
At this point, the girls stopped caring about the destruction they
could cause, in fact, they relished the fact that they could destroy
hundreds of years of man made structures just by flexing their muscle a
little. It actually got them even more excited, and the more excited they
got, the more their muscles grew. Carrie's chest was passing 200,000
inches around, while Amy was reaching 150,000 inches around at just about
the same time, Carrie's pecs plowed into a 30 story building that had
stood there for 45 years, it weighed 450,000 tons, but Carrie didn't
even notice the strain as her muscle impacted with the stone, glass, and
steel and tore it from its foundation with ease. Amy did the same with
her immense pecs, now 1000 feet across each, so indeed, she was able to
take 2 buildings at a time with her incredible muscle chest. The girls
just kept on flexing, 200,000 inches became 400,000, then 800,000, then
finally 1,000,000 inches around, these girls just couldn't be stopped,
their muscles had no limits, and the thought that they were so strong
that they could wreck a whole city with nothing but their pectoral
muscles made them want to do it even more. "Now, sis, let's show them what
muscle is all about!" The people listening thought, what the hell does
that mean? They aren't even trying yet? With a sonic boom, the girls
pecs pushed outward even more extreme, 1,000,000 inches became a memory,
as it was replaced with 5,000,000, then 20,000,000, then 200,000,000,
they were now flexing muscles that flattened buildings from Central Park
all the way to the Empire State Building! Then suddenly, they stopped!
They shrunk down to normal size (well, normal for them, but twice the
size of the biggest chest for the biggest male bodybuilder on earth.)
and jogged over to the biggest structure in all of New York, the Empire
State Building, over 85 stories tall, it weighed a total of 2.6 million
tons, and had stood in New York for over 90 years. Without a doubt,
this would be the biggest weight Amy or Carrie had ever even tried to
lift, but as their recent show of pectoral might showed, their records were
meant to be broken today.
Amy approached it and bent down in an attempt to get a good grip to
lift it, but Carrie stopped her, she whispered in her ear, "Don't, I have
an idea, after this we can lift it, and do what we want with it, but I
want to do this first." Then she stood back a little, and told Amy to
do the same, she started flexing her right arm, finally it hit Amy what
Carrie wanted to do, she giggled and said "Go for it sis! Outflex the
Empire State Building!" Amy was clapping as Carrie bore down on her
flex, at first the arm she sprouted grew to 500 inches around, ten times
its normal 50 inches relaxed size, then it grew to 1,000 inches around a
second later, and then 2000 inches around a second after that. Her
bicep was now almost 200 feet around and 100 feet high, reaching one tenth
the size Carrie needed to reach the observation deck, but we all know,
she was no where near finished. Carrie looked up and grinned, "Here we
go, sis! Time to really grow!" Carrie then flexed down extra hard, and
there was a sonic boom because of how fast Carrie's bicep expanded
upward, growing from 100 feet tall, right up to 200, then passing 300 feet
tall, seconds later. Her biceps were now 6000 inches around, but she
looked up to see that her biceps were not even 1/3 of the way up the
Empire State Building. She took a deep breath and flexed harder than she
ever had up to this point. Booooom! The sonic boom from her flex this
time shattered windows from miles around, as her bicep passed 400, then
500, then 600 feet tall within seconds. It slowed when it reached 700
feet tall, but Carrie wasn't going to let it stay there, she stretched her
arm out some and pulled down even harder on the flex, allowing it to
grow past 800 feet tall, over 18,000 inches around, then 900 feet tall,
22,000 inches around, finally, her bicep reached the observation deck,
1,050 feet taller than the ground, and 25,000 inches around. She did it,
Carrie outgrew the famous Empire State Building, yet, she was sort of
disappointed, she wanted to get so much bigger, yet she didn't have
anything bigger to grow and compare against, at least not in New York. She
knew she hadn't hit her limits yet, so she asked Amy, "Whatís the
highest elevation in the U.S., Amy?" Amy thought about it and said, "Well,
the tallest mountain in the US is Mt. McKinley in Alaska. From what I've
seen on the internet, its over 20,000 feet tall." Carrie said, "Now
there's something I can grow against, I mean that's twenty times as tall
as this puny little building." Amy nodded and said, "Oh yeah, I forgot,
let's see how puny this building is compared to my little girl
muscles." With that, she bent down, took a good grip on the base and started to rip the foundation apart, she walked her hands to the middle, and with
a slight grunt, pressed the 2.6 million ton skyscraper over her head.
"Its not that heavy really, I can get a slight workout with it." She
took one hand away and started pressing it up and down over her head with
one hand, until her bicep grew too big and she had to let it drop
creating a crater and breaking the rest of the glass and concrete, that
hadn't broken from Carrie's bicep expansion. "Alright, lets go to Mt.
McKinley then, maybe that would be more of a challenge."  
So they raced away, from New York to Alaska, its over a 4000 mile
trip, but these girls were so pumped and strong, they just needed to run
there at a quarter of their top speed and it took them 20 minutes to get
there. They went right up to the base of the mountain and looked up,
Amy spoke first "Man, that is really, really high, Carrie, are you sure
you can outflex that?" Carrie sighed and said "With your encouragement
and belief, I am pretty sure I can, are you with me, sis?" Amy giggled
and said "Of course I am, and hey, if you can reach the highest peak of
the highest mountain in the country, who's to say I can't lift it!?! Go
for it Carrie, I'm behind you all the way!" So Carrie did, she flexed
hard and suddenly her bicep sprouted to 5000 inches around, it soon
became 25000 inches around, but she wasn't anywhere close to being done, in
fact, her current bicep height was only 1/20th of where she needed to
be to surpass Mt. McKinley, so she needed to really pour on the power to
get to the top. And she did just that, when she saw that her bicep was
not anywhere near the top, she redoubled her efforts, and her bicep
powered through 50000 inches around, right up to 100000 inches around, she
was now 1/5 of the way there, so she took a deep breath and powered
down on her flex, 100000 inches became 150000, then 200000 inches around,
they were now about 2/5 of the way up the mountain. "Man, sis, you
still got a long way to go, but you're so huge, don't you think its
enough?" Amy said with a slight bit of concern in her voice. But it pushed
Carrie even harder, and she redoubled her flex again, this time blowing
past 300000 inches and settling in at 400000 inches around, she saw the
top and it heartened her, she knew she was going to make it, and with
one final push, she went up to 500000 inches around! That was almost
42,000 feet around, and now, 20000 feet tall, so she equaled Mt. McKinley
in height, a small 6 year old girl managed to flex equal to a mountain.
Then she just decided to conquer it, by flexing over it, so she pushed
down a little and bam, her bicep swelled to 550,000 inches around,
which pushed her peak 20 feet over the peak of the mountain, she had done
Amy looked at her Hello Kitty watch, and said "Oh man, its 4:30 PM, we gotta get home for supper, Carrie!" Carrie said "Awww, oh well, I guess
we did enough growing for today and I had a ton of fun!" Amy said
"Well, since you managed to outflex the mountain, I guess I could try to
lift it before we go." So Amy bent down, found a good grip on the base of
Mt. McKinley and slowly, but surely, lifted the 700 billion ton
mountain out of its foundation, it had stood there for millions and millions
of years, but in one day, this 8 year old girl undid nature's plans by
moving a mountain, with her bare hands! She pressed it over her head,
although it wasn't as easy as the Empire State Building, the site of a
pre-teen girl, with muscles well over 4 times the size of a male
bodybuilder, lifting a 20,000 foot tall, 700 billion ton mountain was still an
awesome sight indeed. Amy repped it out ten times and set it down,
causing the ground to shake and rumble. "Well, we better get home, so let's
run!" Amy and Carrie raced off to Chicago, about 3500 miles away from
Alaska, they ran about 1/8 their total top speed, and got to their house
about 8 minutes later, they seemed to get faster as they got more
muscular and stronger. Their dad called them in just in time for supper and
asked "Did you have a good time playing outside?" Amy and Carrie
giggled to themselves and Amy said "You can say that again, Dad!"
The End
This story was requested by Freaker XL and is dedicated to him and GBM, so if anyone doesn't like their individual work, then I caution you not to read this story.
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