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*Author’s note: This is a story based on the character of Little Annie Ample, one of my favorite characters in the history of female muscle and strength stories, I’ve used her before, as an adult, but this story goes back a little bit, when she is 16 years old. Annie Ample is the creation and property of Michelle Roppo and I only used his character after seeking his permission. This story will be slightly different as it will be in a diary format, which is something that I haven't done to this point, but something I've wanted to explore for a while, I hope it meets well with my regular readers. This story doesn‘t involve sexual storylines, for the most part, but it does involve huge muscles and strength that you would expect from an Annie Ample story. Some of you have stuck with me throughout my writing career, and I can only say thanks, some have only just begun liking my stories, thank you guys as well. As for the people who dislike my stories, well, everyone's entitled to their opinions, and I don't pay them much attention anyway, I write for myself and I write for the people who have stood by me Now that I'm through with my ranting and raving, on with the story!*

Little Annie Ample's Diary- Tuesday, September 4, 2007

   Hello Diary, finally I go back to school, I can show the whole school how much I've grown since we got out in May. I've been more motivated than ever after seeing how much my cousin Lucious and my old friend Su Lee have gotten over the past few months that I made the decision to work out twice as many hours a day over the summer than I did last year, to make myself incredibly huge, bigger than anything anyone has ever seen on a human body. To bulge with so much intensely sculpted powerful muscle that no one could ever compete with me again. And I have to say, I've done pretty damn well for myself, as of right now, I'm 5'6, when I started I weighed only 310 pounds, now my body weighs 340 pounds, and on a 5'6 frame, that'll turn heads wherever I go. I also broke all my records once again, no one could possibly challenge my strength, I mean I curl with one arm more than the strongest men can deadlift, I haven't been able to bench properly because of all the weight I need, so I just get under the family car and do 30 reps with its 5500 pounds, still, I feel I could do more. I was so excited to read the numbers that I measured, I'm bigger than I've ever been, my calves are 57 inches around, my thighs are 78 inches around, my chest is an incredible 130 inches around, and my pride and joys, my biceps are 83 inches around! I can't tell you the amount of stares I got from both girls and boys when I showed up for registration on Wednesday last week, their eyes were popping out of their heads, and the boys, well they were popping something else in their pants, tee hee. I can't wait until the whole school sees me, I have a special outfit picked out that's sure to cause shock and awe. Well, diary, I have to go get ready, I can't wait to get back and right about my first day back at Smallville high.

Little Annie Ample's Diary- entry 2 for Tuesday , September 5 2007

   My goodness, I can't believe what happened to me today, I was looking fine in my special outfit, and here comes this girl wearing a similar outfit, and here's the shocker, she was almost as big as me. Her muscles were incredibly huge and ripped to shreds, I had 3 inches on her at least, but even then it was clear that she weighed close to, if not over 300 pounds of muscle. I had to ask my best friend "Who is that?", She responded with an annoyed sigh, "That's Sherry Godwin, she's a transfer student from Metropolis technical academy. I heard she was in our class, 16 years old and she's been lifting for 11 years, she was a gymnast but quit at 8 years old to just concentrate on weight lifting, you see the results in front of you. Are you worried?" I said "Worried? About what?" She laughed and said "Well, it isn't many times you see someone who is almost as big as you are, who might have the potential to get even bigger than you, who might even be stronger than you, you can't tell me you haven't thought about that?!" I sort of laughed and said "Of course not, I just think she's interesting, maybe we can be friends and we can work out together." Of course I really was in inner turmoil as I thought about the possibility that maybe this girl was stronger than me. I looked as she posed in front of the girls and boys in the cafeteria, looking as though her bicep was as big as mine, the boys were marveling over her, more than they have for me for a long time. I hope we can be friends, I don't know if I could handle her in a fight. Diary, I hope tomorrow goes better, I gotta go workout to relieve this stress.

Little Annie Ample's Diary for Wednesday, September 6 2007

   Well, I actually got the opportunity to talk with Sherry Godwin today, Diary, and it turns out her dad brought her weight equipment from the same people who made mine, she talked about getting her bench up to 5000 pounds by the end of the semester, so I found out she's not as strong as me, but she has the genetics in her body to get it done. I decided to ask her if she needed a workout partner, and said I would be happy to be her personal trainer. She accepted, our first workout is tomorrow after school, I can't wait to see how strong she really is, and maybe she'll let me measure her after, I don't think I've been this excited since the last time my cousin Lucious was in town. As far as I can tell, Sherry has more potential than I've ever seen in anyone, and could turn out to be my biggest competition for most muscular girl in the World ever, but I'll be happy to help her make herself as big as she possibly can. Finally, I can be competitive with someone again, as much as I like being the most muscular girl in the World, I do find it a bit boring that I have no one to challenge me anymore. Well, I'll report my workout when I get home tomorrow, wish me luck, Diary.

Little Annie Ample's Diary for Thursday, September 7, 2007

   Oh my God! I can't believe how exhausted I am, I haven't worked out this hard in a long, long time, Sherry pushed me farther than I've been pushed since Lucious, maybe even farther than Lucious ever did. I mean she was so competitive that she had to do more weight for more reps than I did, me, being the bigger and stronger had to keep showing her up, but I got to the point where all my energy was gone and she was still rearing to go! I mean, we started out benching with 3500 pounds as a warm up, and she did 50 reps with ease and I had to struggle to get 40 reps out, she went up to 4000 pounds and did 25 reps, I could only do 20. The last set we did 5000 pounds, and I found out that it wasn't her max anymore, as she pumped out 6 slow, steady reps, I managed to get 7, but I was struggling greatly on the last two. I couldn't believe it, I've always been the biggest and strongest girl in Smallville, but here comes this girl who's 4 inches shorter than me, 5 months younger than me, and 30 pounds lighter than me and she's showing me up in a weight room. Not only that, but she brought out the measuring tape after, I almost fell over from exhaustion, almost unable to move my limbs because of all the tension, and she still wants to compare. After that massive workout I knew I was going to be bigger, but I never thought she could expand her muscles the way she did, she must be a mutant! When my biceps were taped, they were 89 inches around, but here this 5'2 girl produced a prodigious flex that found her bicep being 91 inches around, my eyes bulged out of my head, how could this little girl be bigger than me!?! My chest pumped up to an incredible 150 inches around, but here she goes again, with her 153 inch chest, my jaw hit the floor at that. Not only does it seem that she's stronger than me, but her muscles are out growing mine! I have to go rest and think about what happened today, I don't know whether to be upset about losing a strength test for the first time in my life or happy that I've finally found a kindred spirit. Tomorrows arms and shoulders, I can't wait to see how much Sherry can curl! See ya later, Diary!

Little Annie Ample's Diary for Friday, September 8, 2007

   Phew! Just got back from the hardest arm workout I've ever had, Sherry really pushed me again, and it seems like she keeps getting bigger day after day, while I stay near the same size. Let me tell you something, diary, this girl is starting to overtake me, I don't think I will be able to compete with her in a week's time, she just pushes herself so hard, its like watching a weightlifting machine, she almost left me in the dust with that last set, curling 2000 pounds for 40 reps while I could only make 38 reps. My arms were absolutely throbbing with pain, but Sherry never lost her smile, she was ready to go for the shoulder workout, grabbing a pair of 500 pound dumbells for lateral raises, I grabbed a pair of 550's and tried my best to keep up, but Sherry's energy was incredible, it seemed the more she worked out, the more energy she had, the more weight she lifted, the stronger she got, it seemed she didn't have limits as to how strong she could really get, and that scared me a little, while I never really had a sticking point either, I never grew stronger during a workout like I've seen Sherry do, it makes me wonder, how strong can she really get? How big can she get? I measured her again and was left completely in the dust, my bicep grew to 90 inches, but her biceps were up to 95 inches now, and her back measured well over 4 feet across. It feels weird to not be the strongest and most muscular anymore, but you know, it motivates me too, if Sherry can grow stronger during the course of one workout, I can will myself to get bigger and stronger and leave her in the dust. I have to, I'm Annie Ample, the most muscular girl in the World! See you tomorrow, Diary, I'll try to get bigger, I just can't let another girl beat me like this!

Little Annie Ample's Diary for Saturday, September 9, 2007

   I had a great day of lifting today, I went beyond all the limits I've ever had, I was so motivated to show up Sherry that I went beyond all pain and exhaustion, and after that, I had sort of a second wind, almost like I was as fresh as I was when I started I wonder if this is the technique Sherry has been using. I hope this takes me to another level, as I'm scared that Sherry could be growing bigger and stronger as I write this. For the first time since we've started working out, though, I was able to outlift Sherry on every exercise, and when we ended up measuring, I was only slightly behind her in most of the numbers except one, my chest grew to 160 inches around, while Sherry's was only 156 inches around. That gave me a great burst of confidence, maybe I can overtake her and become bigger and better than I've ever been. I know Sherry's not going to get any smaller, but with the motivation she's provided me with and my new lifting technique, I think I can do it!

Little Annie Ample's Diary for Sunday, September 10, 2007

   Okay, today was awesome, I'm not even tired right now, my body is throbbing with all this huge, veiny, striated muscle, and I finally beat Sherry in every category, both in body size and strength. She was exhausted at the end of the session and threw her hands up in surrender, then she said something I won't ever forget. "Annie, please, stop, you're killing me, I knew I never should have tried competing with you, you've got the biggest muscles, the strongest muscles of anyone, anywhere. My whole purpose from the time I was 8 years old was to achieve the kind of muscle you have, once I thought I accomplished that, I wanted to move here and challenge you, but it seems I've lost. I heard for years that you were the biggest, the strongest little girl that ever existed in the World and I made it my mission to prove you wrong, but I couldn't, you are awesome!" I couldn't believe my ears, ever since she was 8 years old, she had a mission to outmuscle me and she worked her body hard for 8 long years just to do that. I was flattered, and said to her, "Listen Sherry, I'm so glad that I inspired you into lifting weights and being as big as you possibly can be, but that doesn't mean you have to be competitive with me. From the first time I saw you in school, I wanted to be your friend, if anyone could know what I would be going through on a daily basis, it would be you, I could share my muscle building experiences with you and you could do the same with me. What do you think, can we be friends?" Sherry was a little taken aback as well, but that quickly ended and ran to me with her arms open, she picked me up in an ultra powerful bear hug and said "Oh, Annie, I would love to be your friend, I didn't think you would want to after our intense workouts and rivalry." I just smiled down at her and said "I can't be mad at you, you helped me to get bigger than I've ever been, I should be thanking you, lets be best friends forever!" Sherry agreed and now we do everything together, I'm so glad to have such powerful friends. Oh btw, my bicep today topped the 100 inch mark for the first time ever! Final Entry. End.
Here is a prequel to Annie Ample-All Grown Up. Hope you like!
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